I am not associated with Fem Match and their information about me is NOT ACCURATE!

Getting My Attention

The best way for you to even come close to getting my attention is to, first,

1. Read my entire site. Many of your questions will already be answered, and you can get right to the point when contacting me.

2. Send a complete introduction of yourself. Be specific about who and what you are. Tell me exactly what you are looking for; your D/s interests, your fantasies, your desires, and your hard and soft limits. Be brief and to the point. Vague inquiries will be IGNORED!

3. Do NOT waste my time or your own. Time wasters will be easily identified and blocked from any further communication. In fact, I may just add you to my “Wall of Shame”.

Muscle Fantasies

As you can tell from my pictures, I am a competitive bodybuilder with the physical strength to match my physique. Though your wife or girlfriend may look at me with disgusted, you and I both know that you wish she had my muscles and strength. You’ve been turned on by muscular women like me since you were a teenager. You’ve fantasized about what a woman like me would do to you, given the chance. I’m more than willing to make your fantasy a reality.

What is it that you crave from me?

Muscle Worship
Fantasy Wrestling
Arm Wrestling
Scissors(mild to extreme and merciless)
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
Size Comparison
In Gym Training

BDSM and D/s

Not only am I physically strong, I am mentally strong as well. I know how to break you down, to bend and mold you, to turn you a blob of mush that I can rebuild into a submissive, cowering, and enjoyable play toy. Within minutes of meeting you, I can have you on your knees, face buried in my feet, or quite possibly have you peeing yourself in nervous anticipation.

My style of Dominance is not for the weak of heart or mind. You MUST be able to handle a highly intense level of humiliation, degradation, physical punishment, and intense mind fucking. You will BEG me to allow you to perform tasks that repulse you. If I deny you the privilege, you will want and NEED to beg even harder. As I said, I WILL mold you and turn you into my play toy. I will stretch your limits to suit my needs. I will expand your horizons beyond what your submissive, pathetic little mind can fathom.

Contacting me, is only scratching the surface. Are you ready to remove all inhibitions and become the submissive you never even imagined you could become?

Foot Fetish
Over the Knee
Forced Exercise

Desire something that I have not listed? Contact me with complete and thorough details of what you desire.

Distance Training / Webcam

Yes, I am aware that you may be located quite a distance from me, and that you still have that never ending ache to serve a Domme who is truly stronger and more powerful than you. Webcam training is available to select submissives who prove to me that they are worthy of such a privilege.

To inquire about Distance Training, you must first contact me requesting my requirements to be considered. You must include the areas that you wish to discuss once I have you on webcam, so that I am better prepared and not wasting my time. You must state whether you have Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger installed on your computer and your user ID. You must also include proposed dates and times that you wish to be trained.

Once I receive your email, I will respond with my expected donation and how to send me that gift, as well as my Skype or Yahoo ID along with your scheduled time. When your appointment time arrives, have your webcam service logged on and I WILL CONTACT YOU!

Please note, that I do not sit at my computer with Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger running waiting for submissives to contact me.

Distance Training / Text or Phone

Many of you desire a deeper connection before you commit yourself to me. I’ve come up with a solution to that dilemma. Need to learn more about your Queen; My likes, dislikes, fantasies, desires, do’s and don’ts? Through the power of technology and my new found patience, you may now text or speak with me directly.

15 minutes – $50
30 minutes – $90
60 minutes – $160

All fees are payable in advance.

Financial Domination

Many of you email, wondering how you can best serve me from afar. You realize that our paths may not cross anytime soon, if ever, but you still have a NEED to serve and please me. I am pleased that you recognize reality and do not live in a fantasy world, like so many others. I do have a solution to this dilemma for a few select, genuine submissives.

Financial Domination is not a fetish or servitude that you should enter into lightly. You must understand what you are doing and the commitment you are making. Ask yourself:

How much can I commit each month?
Do I have enough saved for any personal emergencies?
Are there any warning signs of changes coming at work or home?
Will it truly fill my need to please my Domme?

Based on your answers, you may then contact me to begin negotiating your level of commitment to supporting my needs. Here is a list of ongoing monthly expenses that you may commit to maintaining for me.

Electricity – $72.00
Gas – $65.00
Cable – $110.00
Internet – $35.00
Cell Phone – $55.00
Rent – $865.00
Car Pmt – $355.00
Car Ins – $40.00
Gym Fee – $60.00
Tanning – $45.00
Groceries – $800.00
Supplements – $350.00

Please note: I DO NOT enter into a Financial Domination relationship with just anyone. You must prove your commitment and your ability to sustain this relationship to me. I do promise that your support will be VERY appreciated and you will receive a level of training and Domination equal to and more than likely greater than your commitment.