about_001Don’t let the sweet pictures you will find fool you into a false sense of safety. Make no mistake you are in my domain and it gives me great pleasure to bring pain!

I have been bodybuilding since 2000 when I fell in love with the control it gave me, not only in myself but the control it gave me for the weaker sex, yes im talking about YOU!! Muscle is very sexy to me and I take great pride in my physique, strength, femininity, and sex appeal.

I am 5’5″ and off season weight is 185 to 195lbs. I dont lift to see what my max is for any lift but here’s an example of my strength:

Bench Press 325 lbs X 3
Squat 375 lbs X 8

As you can see by my stats you wont last long !

When it comes right down to it….your pain is my pleasure, your humiliation excites me, and your suffering to please me get’s me off!

I know I have what it takes to control you, do you have what it takes to please me?