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Are you ready to be tortured and teased?
Enter into my world of Muscle Lust!!!


Have a fantasy to fulfill? A secret urge that you can’t share with anyone else? Do you crave a strong, muscular woman to own you physically, mentally and emotionally? It’s ok, I completely understand what you need and crave. You are not alone in your journey and by giving yourself to me, I will take you to heights of your fantasy that you hadn’t even begun to imagine.


My time is very valuable, as I am confident you are aware. That does not mean, that I don’t appreciate my fans and my submissives who want and need me from afar. So on occasion, I do find time to travel. It may be to a show or an expo, my personal travels, or to visit a select sub or muscle fan. You’ll find my official travel schedule listed here.


On rare occasion, a generous streak hits me and I’ll share a few pictures for you to admire. Not many of course, I don’t want or need a sub who is driven strictly by his lustful wants of my muscles and Dominating beauty. I prefer a sub who craves me for who I am deep inside the darkest reaches of my naughty and devious mind. But for you pic whores, you’ll find a few scattered about my site.